Coastal Spine and Pain Center Patient Makes Difference for NICU Babies

Dec 22

“Everyone has different gifts. Every gift is specific and can bless someone else.”

– Janet Goulet

Coastal Spine and Pain Center works with thousands of patients in Northeast Florida. Our leading-edge solutions for acute and chronic pain help many sufferers to enjoy life again. In getting back to their lives, our patients are able to give back to others. Janet Goulet is one such person. This is her Coastal story.

Two and a half years ago, Janet Goulet came to our Kingsley Avenue office. She was in a wheelchair and in constant pain. She had made a promise to a dying friend that she would seek out other treatments. That promise brought her to the office of Richard Gamiz, P.A. (C).

Richard listened to her history and administered a treatment for muscle spasms. He also tested her for medications that would work better for her condition and personal chemistry. Once she was on the proper medication, her condition improved. She is still in pain, but she is no longer using a wheelchair. Janet is proud to say that “Richard Gamiz is my hero.”

Janet’s other therapy is to ‘give back’ to NICU babies at Orange Park Medical Center. She crochets afghans, hats and booties for the tiniest patients and their families. She began her mission nine years ago, but began delivering her creations in person three years ago. Janet begins each year by setting a goal for herself. She then crochets until October. In November and December, she makes her deliveries to Orange Park NICU. She believes that using her “God-given talent has been the best therapy” she could have.

Janet continues, “when I focus on meeting a personal goal of giving, I don’t think about how badly I am hurting… But, I’ve discovered that my ‘mental/emotional self’ seems so much better when I focus on doing something kind for others. I am limited in movement. But crocheting doesn’t call for me to move my hurting body.”

Because of her condition, Janet will continue to need care, but with Richard Gamiz’s help and support, she is determined to live through her pain. She also finds that giving back helps ward off depression, a common aspect of chronic pain.

As Janet works on her gifts, she says “a prayer for the child and their family.” She hopesthat the recipients know that someone cares.

We at Coastal Spine and Pain Center are proud to play a part in Janet Goulet’s gifts to
Orange Park NICU. We are also very proud to have caregivers like Richard Gamiz, P.A. (C) who take the time to listen to their patients and treat each patient individually. As Janet says, no one treatment will work for everyone.

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