Relieving Chronic Knee Pain

Sep 13

Genicular Nerve Ablation is an outpatient procedure which stuns the nerves in the knee to prevent pain signals from reaching the brain. In two steps, patients will achieve pain relief that can last for up to 12 months. This treatment is for individuals who have been diagnosed with degenerative joint disease or osteoarthritis of the knee. Patients may receive this treatment before or after knee replacement or if they are not candidates for knee replacement surgery. This procedure may prevent the need for more invasive surgeries.

Coastal Spine and Pain Center’s physicians are trained in this advanced technique and it is offered as part of our comprehensive care for our patients.

The procedure is performed in two phases:

  1. Diagnostic Genicular Nerve Block – A small amount of a local anesthetic is placed on the genicular nerves to test the patient’s response and to see if the block provides enough relief to warrant the therapeutic neurotomy.
  2. Genicular Nerve Ablation – If the nerve block is successful, the physician will perform a nerve ablation, targeting the three nerves surrounding the knee stopping the painful signal of the nerve to the brain.


  • Covered by most insurance
  • Performed on-site as an outpatient procedure
  • Local anesthetic only
  • Minimal risk of infection
  • Almost zero recovery time
  • Most cases allow for return to work the same day
  • Return to normal activities in a few days

Safe Option for Osteoarthritis Sufferers

With more than 20 million adults suffering from osteoarthritis in the US which leads to 700,000 total joint knee replacements that can often lead to long-term pain for the patient. This therapy is a safe and effective procedure for patients and an alternative for those who are not candidates for invasive knee procedures or replacements, or wish to avoid more invasive treatments.

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